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Wk 3 Discussion Response

As cited by Rancourt et al. (2016), the differential impact of upward and downward comparisons on diverse women’s disordered eating behaviors and body image is completed by the comparison of race and ethnicity as a variable for upward and downward appearance correlations and disturbed body approval and eating results with participants including young women. These studies strategize the upward and downward body contentment, appearance similarities, and disrupted eating were controlled to 1,014 young women (Rancourt et al. 2016). Results including downward appearance correlations surfaced as non-favorable for Latina ladies yet had differentiating results for White and Asian young women (Rancourt et al. 2016). Additionally, discussions found that the rule, including physical self-image assessments, impact all women, similarly; including downward assessments are all-around protective, even though this position is regularly spread by clinical treatment techniques (Rancourt et al. 2016).

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