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Unit2Discussion1 reply(NU500-8B- Concept analysis)

The problem was that over-crowding and waiting was referred to as an inefficient organization.  This led to the need to search for EDLOS to correct the issues with the system and improve overall patient satisfaction with emergency department visits.  (Andersson et al., 2020)  The benefit of this study is discovering what the root of the cause is for long emergency wait times, therefore improving overall patient outcomes, avoiding overcrowding, and running an efficient organization.  The benefits of completing a concept analysis for nursing theory would be to aim at improvements for better patient outcomes.  This is what we are there for, after all.  As nurses, we are on the front lines of our departments, and we have an opportunity to improve our systems, our organizations, our team, but most importantly, our patients.  When we can all benefit as a team, our profession benefits, and our patients benefit greatly.

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