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the concept of professional accountability

An example of evidence-based nursing accountability practice will be my personal experience working in a nursing home if a new patient comes in admission on my time. I am accountable for the patient’s activity. So, correct documentation about the patient would be necessary to justify my accountability. Likewise, I need to update the legal information, ensure the patient signs the admission and treatment consent form before administering any meds, or providing any care. If I gave any medicine as the patient requested without a prescription, I would be the one who has to justify my action. I have to check before administering meds to the patient; without knowing the history and known allergies, I cannot help the patient giving medicine. It is beyond nursing practice. I will be the accountable one. So, as a nurse, I should always follow the nursing process to take care of the patient. I have to assess the patient by taking vitals and physical assessment. Secondly, planning regarding the care and treatment is significant for the patient. Thirdly, I have to implement the care provided to the patient. Fourthly, I had to give a rationale for the implementation of care, and lastly, evaluation helps know the patient’s outcome. Documentation and reporting have a significant role in professional accountability.

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