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the concept of professional accountability as it pertains to nursing.

Working at the bedside can become overwhelming, and the more we do it, the better we develop a way of improving time management. Therefore, w a new policy is not welcomed since nurses must get used to a new practice. However, these changes are not to make us nurses angry or make us work harder. New Evidenced-based practice policies are created to help the patient heal or prevent them from getting sicker, so being flexible and understanding new guidelines and how they benefit the patient is another way of taking self-accountability. Healthcare facilities have the responsibility to educate and promote accountability. According to (Sherman, 2019), nurses develop a practice and mindset that prevents them from following new EBP; her article explains how nurses may refuse to follow new policies when they feel their approach is appropriate and can be, that does not mean it is a professional way of practicing and that is why EBP policies and procedures are in place. Flexibility to adapt and understand changes is part of the nursing practice and an obligation; not following the facility of practice’s policies and procedures is a crime.

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