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The Childhood Space

Find three objects representative of toys or things you played with as a very young child. Set aside twenty minutes to listen to the audio guide, perform the exercise. Write a 250-word response to your exercise experience and post the essay in the Discussion Board for the exercise for class comments. The purpose is to go back and play, just as you would as a child. In your re-experience of childhood, you are alone with no others interfering with your experience. Set a timer and do not stop the exercise until twenty minutes have elapsed. Use no electronic devices for toys or amusement, they must be common, ordinary objects or toys. At that moment, use the imagination to create with the objects you brought on the journey. Everyone made a fort from chairs and a blanket or an old refrigerator box. Everyone drew a picture of their house, or had a “woo-woo” garment, that consisted of an old towel tied around your neck while your running through the yard pretending you are flying saying, “Woo! Woo!” Be sure to talk about what you experienced while playing as if you were a child. Be specific! What did you do? How did it affect you? It may be helpful to read the attached descriptions and quotations below.

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