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small business management

Your personal reflection for this semester) include the following 3 questions.– SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
Question 1 (30%) – During this semester, you were exposed to several small business management concepts (cf. content outline and chapters discussed in class). Which concept has challenged your existing assumptions the most? (If none, which one resonated the most?) Explain why and give 2 specific examples of how you will be to apply this understanding in your personal and professional life.
Question 2 (30%) -During this semester you had to manage a significant number of priorities: courses, work, family, friends, health, etc. As a result, you had to make trade-offs and allocate time to an activity at the expense of another. Given your time and attention allocation, explain in detail what have you learned about your priorities and time management skills. After the explanation, add a minimum of 5 specific actions you will take next semester based on what you have learned.
Question 3 (30%) – Throughout the semester, several conversations centered around adaptability, flexibility, and comfort with ambiguity. Your group assignment required you to take full ownership of a consulting project. The directions were intentionally general and flexible rather than specific and prescriptive. Explain in specific details your experience with the process and how it may have forced you to stretch outside of your comfort zone. After the explanation, list a minimum of three specific lessons you learned about yourself in the process, and how you will apply them in your personal and professional life. Complementarily, you can explain how the process has shifted your perspectives, if it has.
Formatting, references, allignment (10%)
– Minimum 500 words per question / maximum 1500 words per question.
– APA formatting.
– Substantiate each answer with a minimum of two properly cited references. 
– Refer to the written communication and critical thinking rubric.
– Submit attachement as word .doc document

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