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As noted previously, an Intelligent CCTV system is made up of various components; comprised of various types of cameras, lenses, housing and mounts, video monitors, switchers and multiplexers, video recorders, the wired transmission that connects all of these devices together, as well as a manner in which to store the data they produce. For a detailed look at all of these, you are encouraged to review the document produced by DHS, System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER): CCTV Technology Handbook. Likewise, the student should refer to Chapter 7 of Security Science: The Theory and Practice of Security as well regarding some additional aspects of CCTV technology known as video content analysis (VCA), video analytics (VA), and video motion detection (VMD). These applications provide enhanced capabilities that offer a host of options for the security administrator in order to meet their specific needs.

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