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The continuous variable I selected is “Problems w/Public Health Clinics”.  The means for this data is 7.43, the median is 7.4335 and the mode is 0.  For the variable, the mean is the best measure it incorporates every value of this variable making it more representative of the variable (Frankfort-Nachmias, Leon-Guerrero, & Davis, 2020). The standard deviation is 5.11961, this number represents the difference of the data points from the mean.  This number means that the scores regarding problems with health clinics differed from the mean by 5.11961. The variance is 26.210 describes the degree to which the data points are spread.  I would describe this variable as having a lot of variability and extreme.  Those that had no problems with public clinics more than double the amount of those that had a median amount of problems and triple those that had lots of problems.

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