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10. SELECT A METHODOLOGICAL APPROACH:  For this proposal, I want you to develop your familiarity with methods that have practical utility and acceptance in today’s professional world.   Different methods should work better with whatever you are studying.  They also may be useful to you in your thesis.  You may propose one (or two combined, if appropriate) of these three different methods:a. Survey:  Usually a packet of questionnaires that listquestions or statements that require ratings of agreement, that ultimately address your IV & DV.b. Interview & Content Analysis:  Develop a list of questions that you’ll ask participants about, and then recruit another “coder” to help you interpret the answers by amount and types.c. Experiment:  Most common form would be to look at your DV and say “Does the IV make a difference?”  Have at least one situation or group where you include the IV, and one you don’t.  If you make the two situations or groups of people similar, and control (limit the influence of)outside factors, the IV should explain any differences in the DV.

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