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Hinduism is amongst the most ancient religions in the world, and research reveals that the religion has millions of followers. In the afterlife, Hindus believe in a cyclical nature of life, whereby, after one dies, they resurrect in new bodies through reincarnation (Igbo & Ayika, 2021). They believe that Karma decides the body that one partakes, and this is dependent on one’s actions while alive (Igbo & Ayika, 2021). Eventually, they believe that when one achieves Moksha, they get liberated from the cycle, and they go to live with Brahman (Choudry et al., 2018). On the other hand, Christianity is one of the most popular religions, accommodating billions of believers worldwide. Christians also believe in life after death, as it is evident in the resurrection of Christ (Choudry et al., 2018).

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