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Community health nurses not only help the entire community in general but also individuals and families at large. In faith-based settings and organizations, community health nurses play an essential role in helping those in need, same way as those in homeless shelters and can therefore not afford the medication or care that the rest of the people can (Clark, 2015). Additionally, community health nurses serve the elderly population who need personalized care but cannot be hospitalized for various reasons and still live in their home’s comfort. Also, the chronically ill and those with terminal illnesses but cannot afford hospitalization or are not covered by medical insurance are also in dire need of the services offered by community health nurses who deliver such services to them. In addition, schools and clinics that are not allocated enough finances to hire enough personnel to monitor their health are aided by community health nurses who live to improve the livelihood of the people who live in their community and ensure that they are at their optimum health.

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