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2:  Use logic to explain your reasoning for the topic sentence. (2-4


3:  Use evidence to back up your topic sentence.  This may be a

quote or paraphrase from the documentary or one of the articles on

Canvas.  It may be an example from your own life or experiences.  It

may be a hypothetical example.  (1-3 sentences)

4:  Interpret the evidence.  Explain to readers what that evidence

shows and how it connects to your topic sentence. (1-3 sentences)

5:  Conclusion/Transition Sentence.  Finally, use one sentence to

wrap up this paragraph’s idea and lead readers on to the next paragraph.  

(1 sentence)

Paragraph 5

:  The conclusion paragraph.

1:  First, restate your thesis and topic sentences in different words.

(3-5 sentences)

2:  Finally, find some way to lead readers out of your essay, using

one of the hook techniques above or a call to action.



use at least two sources (including the documentary) in this




quote word for word at least twice in the essay.  You



quote more than once in a paragraph, although you may

paraphrase as many times as you can make work in the paragraph.

Formatting:  All essays must be typed and double-spaced using Times

New Roman 12 point font.

At the top left of the first page there should be a header containing the

following information:


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