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Hello! I need a paper for my philosophy class. It should be 1.300 words or more. heres all the indications that the professor gave us.

Being Socratic with Philosophy Tube and Adam Ruins everything (on Expertise)   Who’s Afraid of the Experts? | Philosophy Tube ft. Adam Conover (Links to an external site.)   Gurus, more like No-rus!   The Truth About “Trading Gurus” From a Hedge Fund Manager (Links to an external site.)   Right to Repair Socrates (Links to an external site.)   Being an expert and being able to explain yourself   Astrophysicist Explains Gravity in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED (Links to an external site.)   Other/Funny   Bill and Ted and Socrates  (“that’s us, dude!”)   Bill and Ted and Socrates  (“that’s us, dude!”) (Links to an external site.)

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