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1. Why is death a “rhythmic” lover? Why is the earth his couch? How is spring an answer “true” to death?2. Do either of these naturalistic accounts of the cycle of life and death adequately address the fear of death, the loss of a loved one, or the desire for immortality? What does your answer imply for the meaning of any individual’s life?3. Why might Skikibu see in the example of the mountain cherry an explanation of our own suffering? Does this make sense?4. Sôku finds in the same image a model for noble self-sacrifice. How does this differ from Shikibu’s vision? Are the two poems at odds with one another or do they share a common understanding?5. Does having the painting for illustration improve the experience of reading the poems?6. How does the music for Sakura fit with or enhance the poetry? What mood does it represent to you?

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