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Employment law, HR

Brandi Thudpucker is an hourly employee in the Bookkeeping Department.  Brandi has been an employee for 14 years. One day, Brandi creates a fake  Facebook persona on her office computer (during lunch break) of a man  she calls “Larry London.” Brandi wants to “get even” with her former  friend and co-worker Tina Sabbatini. Tina works in Billing. Brandi has a  huge grudge against Tina because Tina made Brandi “look bad” six months  ago by reporting some late accounts Brandi has not properly posted.  Brandi then received an informal “reprimand” email from her boss telling  her to “be more careful” and make sure all “30 days past due” accounts  are updated before Brandi leaves work each day. This was very  embarrassing to Brandi who felt that Tina as a “friend” had  “back-stabbed” her.

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