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Discussion reply2week3 (NUR6051-transforming nursing and healthcare)

One strategy to improve these systems would be to allow the Rover application to use a voice call , so the RN can call pharmacy to alert them of emergencies. Often times, the Rover application may lose data service or the message takes longer than needed to reach the correct department. In cases of emergency i.e. stroke codes or cardiac arrest the RN should be able to use the iPhone which houses the Rover application to not only send a message but call the pharmacy to alert them of the vital medication needed. When the RN is unable to access the needed medications in time, this is when the provider normally uses a substitution which can ultimately lead to a medication error. As noted by Di Simone (2018) , “It is essential to point out that pharmacological therapy’s administration represents 40% of total nursing clinical activity in hospitals and nurses are the last safeguards for patients from medication errors”.

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