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Discussion reply1week3 (NUR6051-transforming nursing and healthcare)

Recent technological advancements have led to easy access to videoconferencing utilizing personal computers or tablets. A few research work has also been carried out using telemedicine. Patients are encouraged to check their vital signs using personal devices. Also, the introduction of asynchronous store-and-forward approaches enable clinicians review their patient without direct interaction. Also, telehomecare enables clinicians monitor their patients in their own homes (Yellowlees et al., 2010).  Telepsychiatry aims to improve quality of care to patients and reduce costs in three ways: it will carry out assessment at a distance, the specialist will be able to provide emergency department doctors opinion on complex cases and it will provide information on follow-up appointments using patients’ own technology. Moreover, patients with mental health challenges have a unique set of preferences and needs different from those with general medical conditions. These include face-to face verbal interventions, instructions about their oral medications, challenges about their medications, social support services, coordinated discharge planning and more confidentiality (Allen, Carpenter, Sheets, Miccio, & Ross, 2003).

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