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Both of the readings share many common things in it. For example, ┬ôsupernatural fashion, beauty, grace, and talent are united beyond measure in one single person, in a manner that to whatever such an one turns his attention, his every action is so divine┬ö (Giorgio Vasari). This evidence shows the importance of men that how god creates the intelligent creature that holds many qualities, talents, skills and so many other unique things. So, he used these qualities to give this world a better look in general, common examples are, art and sculpture made by human, many other marvellous monuments, and so many other great things. Likewise, Mirandola also mention in his reading that “A great miracle, Asclepius, is man!” (Pico Della Mirandola). This shows that a man who have so many unique qualities is consider as miracle to the earth. That means god creates him to explore his unique skills and use in a way through which he can creates the world according to his own way.

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