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Advanced computer architecture

2. This problem aims to investigate the major perspectives of RISC and CISC architectures  in both a written report and a fun mock debate format.  a. There are different hypothetical real-life roles: a.1) Local City Mayor, a.2) Tier-1  Research University Biology Professor, a.3) Industrial Businessman, a.4)  Hardware developer, a.5) Software developer, and, a.6) NASA Director. b. Conduct research on major journal articles, conference proceedings, or real-life  implementations about the RISC and CISC concepts and develop at least three fact-based debate arguments for both to defend and to destroy each architecture  for each of the hypothetical roles. (You need to find strong as well as convincing  arguments that go well beyond the fundamental class coverage) c. Submit the report including your arguments for and against each architectural  approach (as part of the project-2). d. During the project due date, the hypothetical roles for RISC and CISC teams (to  perform each role one at a time) and groups to promote each architecture will be  randomly assigned in the class. (Satisfactory performance at each role is required  for successful project completion)

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